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Close to Castelforte’s tall tower is the Chiesa di  San Giovanni Battista, the patron saint of the town.  The old church, which had been founded between the years of 1000 and 1100, was almost completely destroyed during the bombing and shelling of Castelforte.  After the war the new church was build on the original foundations using many of the original materials, with the additional of a new tall bell tower.  The main facade is adorned with a group of sculptures in copper depicting the Baptism of Christ.

The old church, dedicated to San Rocco, was situated outside of the town walls, and was probably founded in the late 500’s. The saint, San Rocco, is said to have at some time in his life been afflicted by the plague, however he went on to make a good recovery. Thus, during the Middle Ages, it was believed that the saint could protect people from illness and epidemics and that San Rocco had the ability to heal patients suffering from the plague and other diseases such as cholera.  Therefore, a hospital was constructed annexed to the church.  The old church was totally destroyed during World War II.  In the 1960’s a new modern church was constructed in its place.

In between Castelforte and Santi Cosma e Damiano, in the district of Capo di Ripa, is the old convent and Chiesa dell’Annunziata.  This too was badly damaged during the war and was restored in later years.

Below are photos of the centre of the lower section of Castelforte.

At the highest point of the old town stands the tall square tower, that was originally built in the 14th century.  This was a lookout tower with excellent views of the coast and plains, and was able to guard against possible invasions.  It was also used to send communications to the other local watchtowers of Ventosa and Suio.  

The tower was destroyed during the Second World War, but has subsequently been rebuilt.

Below is the Town Hall of Castelforte and a view of the rooftops of old town.

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